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President Bush

President Obama

CEO Larry Hales

President Biden

Vice President Pence

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia

Ambassador Crocker

Coach Mike Ditka

Senior Iraqi Leaders

Tood Rickets President of The Chicago Cubs

Larry Kudlow White House Economic Advisor to President Trump

Tim Kane United States Senator

Tylenol Drug Founder

International Clients

Attorney Tom Sporkin Security Exchange Commission (SEC)

Virginia Governor Youngkin

Client @ Wanxiang

COVID Mask Plant

Ambassador Iraq

Ambassador Arman Jordan


Pharma Distributor Staff


DOD Secretary Brinkley

CEO Wanxiang

Ambassador White Europe

Karl Rowe White House Chief of Staff President Bush

Riverside Hospital Board

Intl Chm Commerce CEO

World Energy CEO

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Larry Hales @ Pentagon

CEO Larry Hales in Iraq

Middle East Advisor

Wanxiang Electric Car

Miss Alaska

Coach Phillips Cowboys

Middle East

Ambassador Richardson

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