Larry Hales is the founder, senior partner and chairman of the Hales Global group LLC (HGG) a boutique consulting firm provide targeted business development and market research solution since 1975.

Members of the Hales Global Group have extensive government and industry backgrounds, as well as international business expertise. Larry Hales and the Hales Global Group team have held senior management positions at the White House, the United States Senate, DoD, GSA and other federal and state agencies; and now focus on advising companies and government agencies worldwide.

Hales Global Group and its partners have been serving clients for more than 40 years. Hales Global Group serve as your “eye and ears” by providing clients with the most timely, accurate and meaningful business intelligence that could impact clients goals.

Hales Global Group team his increased extensive growth for both Fortune 500 and small business. 

We have helped clients win over $100+billion dollar in grants, contracts, and incentives to transform their business and reach their goal.

President United States Chamber of Commerce

Thomas J. Donohue Sr. + Team in the Middle East