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In the photo is Larry Hales, Senior Partner, Jeff Kemp Advisor to the Trump Administration and Larry Kudlow, President Trump Senior Economic Advisor.


The President of the United States, George Bush, presenting a thank you to our Chairman Larry Hales.

Larry Hales, CEO/President, Shereen Uzaizi, consultant to U.S. Embassy Baghdad, Thomas P. Donohue, President and Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Daeman P. Harris, Vice President Middle East and Africa Affairs of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at a business development meeting in Amman Jordan.

Youssel ‘Joe’ Beydoun, Chief of Staff in Iraq for the Reconstruction Program for the Department of Defense and Qubad Talabani, Ambassador of Iraq and the son of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani meeting on the latest procurement rule changes.

The U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi catching up on a discussion with Mr. Hales.

Saeed Blooshi, investment advisor and business leader, the cousin of Sheik Makatoum Bin Rashid-The Great Emir of the United Arab Emirates having tea in his Dubai Palace with Larry Hales.

Martha Johnson, General Services Administration (GSA) and Stephen R. Leeds, Senior Counselor/Chief Sustainability Officer (GSA) discuss Executive Orders 13423 and 13515 as it relates to GSA’s responsibilities and opportunities with Mr. Hales.

Vice President Biden, Jill Rogers and Mr. Hales share light reflections following the debt crisis agreement with Congress.

In Arman, Jordan the Under Secretary of Defense, Paul Brinkley (responsible for the Iraq Business Development Task Force), is having another follow-up meeting with Mr. Hales.

Former White House Chief Strategist Karl Rove and Larry Hales shares a Dallas Cowboy joke with Mr. Hales.

General William ‘Kip’ Ward United States Africa Command and Hales addressing African challenges.

Ali M. Chreif, President of BLOM BANK, the largest in the Middle East, holding a business development discussion with Mr. Hales and other top Middle East executives.

Ambassador for United States Trade Ron Kirk and Larry Hales Chairman Hales of Hales Global Group share information.

Calvin Thomas of Hales Global International Chairman’s office give update to Governor Bobby Jindal, state of Louisiana on the Stimulus program.

Ambassador Mary Yates, United States AFRICA Command, Deputy to the Commander. During this meeting in German Ambassador Yates discusses AFRICA Command support to 53 African nations with Larry Hales our CEO.

Hon Bill Richardson former designated Secretary of Commerce and Governor of New Mexico, and former Secretary of Energy and Congressman.

Congressman Mike Honda, Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee with our chairman Hales and marketing analyst Lee Tru Chi at a Japanese-American event.

Muhammed Rauf, Minister of Trade and Presidency of Ministries Council Kurdistan Regional (Which is North Iraq) provides Mr. Hales counsel on bus.

On a recent trip to the BP Respond Command Center Larry Hales held innovative technology discussions with (L to R) Ed. Wieliczkiewicz BP Director of Task Force and Bob Acker, (BP Senior Technical Advisor) CIH,CSP,CPH, USCG Ret. The private session was focus on creative solutions utilizing innovative technology from around the world.

Dr. David A. Cooper, director for Outreach, United States AFRICA Command briefing Larry Hales on the latest developments in AFRICOM.

The largest international advisory firm in the world, Grant Thornton International and Hales International staffers were caught discussing the new procurement process for Iraq over dinner.

Legendary Super Bowl coach Mike Ditka of the Chicago Bears and friend showcases Chairman/CEO Hales latest database to Federal Government executives.

Frank Carrico – Director for the U.S. Department of Commerce in Baghdad, Iraq is always glad to chat and bring our chairman up to date on issues and policy.

South African Henry Nel (Managing Director of a humanitarian program), Ambassador Dr. Machivenyika Mapuranga, and our Chairman/CEO – sponsor of medical equipment and supplies for the poor. Hales International supports missions to help the poor throughout the world.

Dallas Cowboys head football coach Wade Phillips a twenty year friend of Chairman/CEO Hales discuss the upcoming Washington Redskins game.

In New Mexico, Yolander King, daughter of Martin Luther King, a national motivation speaker was the guest speaker of a youth day program sponsored by Hales International.

During a rare light moment, our Chairman and CEO Mr. Hales is reflecting back at the office.

CEO Larry Hales at the USA Department of Defense Pentagon presenting at a forum.

Pin Ni CEO Wanxiang $13B firm with J Smith of Hales Global.

Daniel Heath IMF Director/World Bank.

Two months into the oval office President Obama had a dinner with a small group of global leaders and top business executives including Larry Hales. Discussions were centered around the economy and the stimulus program.

Fred Atika Indonesia Investment CEO.

Hales visiting Indonesia retail giant Diamond.

Hales Global supports Children’s Orphanage in Indonesia.

Our Founder test driving the Wanxiang Electric Car

Todd Parks White House Chief Technology Officer and Larry Hales CEO Hales Global Group

Larry Hales @The White House Technology Summit.

U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke and Larry Hales CEO Hales Global Group

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representative Paul Ryan and CEO Larry Hales.

Senator Mark Rubio and CEO Larry Hales.

Larry Hales, Founder & CEO of Hales Global Group speaking to a group at the Pentagon.

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