Our Edge

Hales Global Group: Our competitive advantage is your competitive advantage

When you retain Hales Global Group to build your market off federal government contracts; raise awareness; or secure federal funding; our competitive advantages become your competitive advantage.

  • Extensive knowledge of current & emerging business development opportunities
  • Deep personal connections with high-level stakeholders and administration officials
  • Firsthand experience of how business (procurement) is successfully conducted through federal government agencies
  • Seamless bridging of cultural differences among international companies and the US government the largest buyer of goods and services in the world
  • Extensive support to ensure agreements come to fruition
  • A prestigious and excessive high-level business network
  • An international, seasoned, senior team of professionals that are results-focused, action-oriented, and have extensive practical business experience
  • A unique business development intelligence team that ensures you have the most advanced competitive information to support your strategy
  • An insider’s perspective on how successful business is conducted in the USA federal marketplace