We are focused on your success. For over 40 years we have been working with businesses and governments to anticipate, understand and meet the unique challenges they face. Today we work with clients worldwide to find answers to the questions that are shaping their future. We help you succeed because we are:

Dedicated to Sharing Our Expertise

We combine the skills of our sector experts and service specialists to provide innovative and often ground-breaking practical solutions that work for you. We have a technology development capacity that few firms can rival.

Committed to Working Together

The best results come from collaboration. Whatever the assignment, our team adapts to the way you do business and works shoulder to shoulder with you to meet a common goal.

Focused on Long-lasting Results

We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done, often trouble-shooting where previous initiatives have failed. Our solutions create visible and sustained value, so you succeed today and tomorrow.

Hales Global has been able to deliver solutions where other business development consultants have failed. They have accomplished this by bringing the right resources at the right time to deliver the right solutions.

Whether we are searching for new opportunities though innovation or helping to transform a company into a market-leading company, we remain focused on your success.