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Wall Street and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) are responsible for securing our financial infrastructure. Since 2010 Wall Street is undergoing the largest information technology transformation in its history and the history of any entity in the United States. The total project is estimated to cost in excess of $5 billion dollars on the frontend with an additional $5 billion dollars on the backend.

The Hales Global Group has been in the forefront of leading the effort to ensure that the Securities Exchange Commission is able to operate with stringent security protocols. Hales Global Group was tapped to perform the unenviable task of organizing the team to develop the Security Exchange Commission’s Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) National Market System (NMS) Plan. This plan will detail the full technology upgrade integration of the new systems that will secure trading on Wall Street. This is the highest profile project in the history of the (SEC) Security Exchange Commission and the Hales Global team was down-selected to one of only two companies from a pool of thirty-one competitors.

Hales Global has been in the forefront of leading the effort to ensure that the SEC is able to operate with utmost security to restore and maintain confidence in the U.S. trading system and plays a key role in ensuring the successful completion of the project. We were responsible for first identifying and recruiting a blue chip team consisting of: J. Streicher Analytics, LLC, Booz Allen Hamilton, Buckley Sandler, LLP and Hewlett Packard (HP).

To date, Booz Allen Hamilton and Hewlett Packard have invested approximately 50,000 man hours towards the effort to acquire the project and each company has spent in excess of $10 million dollars each.

With the greatest respect for the Wall Street project, we would like to also tell you about other success stories.

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