Our services



Our experienced professional staff has fostered long-term relationships at the senior management levels within selected agencies and prime contractors. Understanding an agency’s unique business challenges, competitive environment, and contracting requirements, along with budget considerations will allow you to better target and penetrate agencies that have a requirement for your solutions.

By leveraging knowledge of the federal marketplace, Hales Global Group works with clients to develop winning strategies for penetrating the appropriate agencies, prime contractors and major programs where their solutions have the best fit for a contract.

We offer a variety of services tailored to your solutions:

  • Determining who buys what you are selling and how they buy
  • Tailoring a focused program around your solutions and/or products
  • Developing strategies for penetrating target agencies, programs and prime contractors
  • Arranging and conducting meetings with key decision makers for targeted government agencies, programs and prime contractors
  • Qualifying opportunities and developing sales strategies for winning the business
  • Supporting Bid/No Bid decisions with senior management
  • Identifying and arranging for teaming partners that enhance your company’s bid
  • Securing a subcontractor position on major bids with the right prime contractor
  • Negotiating teaming agreements and subcontracts
  • Create winning proposals, which is both an art and science
  • Developed a sophisticated capture management process