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The Trump Administration has its checkbook wide open in an effort to spend money on cyber security. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of historical government spending with private and small businesses. The government awards contracts to companies of all sizes-even one-man shops. 100% of the contracts under $500,000 HAVE to be awarded to small businesses.

FACT: Last month a small cyber security firm called Decisive Analytics has been given a $59 million contract to help the Department of Defense with cyber security issues.

FACT: A $156 million contract was awarded to an entrepreneur start up firm with one employee. The award occurred within the last 90 days.

As a business owner or a highly-driven entrepreneur do you feel like you you’re missing out on a powerful and effective way of promoting your business? Or maybe you are wondering if there was a comprehensive tool out there that would help you form an ongoing relationship with different international organizations or Israeli cyber tech leaders to increase your global visibility and enhance your business quickly? Unlock your profit potential. Gain an unfair advantage over your competition.

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Unlike the United States, where top students have the option of attending ivy league colleges like Stanford, Caltech, Harvard or MIT, military conscription is compulsory in Israel. Military intelligence is a critical function of the Israel nation. Israel has a dedicated significant amount of its budget assigned to military intelligence and R&D. That is why the Israel Cyber spies are the best trained and skilled in the world.

So teaming with an Israel firm will put your products or services in front of the right USA Federal Government agencies that need them and are ready to buy immediately. There has never been a better time to partner with an Israel Cyber Technology Company.

Here Are Some of the Federal Agencies That Are Looking Forward to Working with You

  • The White House, Office Management and Budget
  • The IRS, Department of Treasure, DISA-Defense Information Systems and Office of the Deputy Chief Management Office
  • The Pentagon, Department of Defense agencies, USNORTHCOM, NORAD, Army Space Command, AFSPACE, USSPACECOM and NASA
  • The Air Force Space Command supporting ground and space sensors around the world, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, DOE and US Department of Interior (DOI)
  • The GSA – FEMA, USDA, EPA, NARA, FHA, VA and the Department of Commerce
  • And Many More

The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide tells you WH0, WHAT and HOW to make contact with the very best intelligence trained personnel in the world. The best part these Israel Cyber firms are ready and willing to bring their skills, technology into a teaming relationship to help federal agencies resolve Cyber problems. Let the Awesome Israel Cyber Guide put your business on top of the competition.

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  • Are you a startup or fortune 100? Or maybe you are just a regular business owner that needs to collaborate with top IT firms for maximum profitability?
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  • Are you interested in partnering with firms that are responsible for the cyber security of USA facilities all over the world?
  • Do you want new opportunities for growth?

We believe our guide gives you the best chance for success. Perhaps you are looking to network and learn from Israel firms who are interested in fostering business partnerships between them, federal government, its prime contractors, and small, minority, service-disabled veteran-owned, veteran-owned, HUBZone, and women-owned businesses? We’ll give YOU an edge.

The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is the most ideal resource for you. It’s a must-have for business development. No matter who you are, where you live or how much business experience you have… This 100% fool proof guide is what you need to take your business to the next level.

Do you know that Israel is the country with the highest number of startups per capita in the whole world? That is why it’s being called the “Startup Nation”

Over the past decades, thousands of Israeli startups have given rise to innovations in a range of fields, from agricultural irrigation, tech inventions and GPS navigation to life-saving cancer treatments and transformational business innovations. For example a 19 year old Israel student reverse engineered a USB drive to become a hacking tool and two 17 year old hopefuls built a working cell phone from scratch. Even the United States military now uses the Israeli Iron Dome Weapon System for short-range air defense. If you want the edge over the competition, the Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is the answer. Skyrocket your chances for success by bidding on contracts with no competition and an Israel partner gives you leading competitive advantages for contract award.

And today, more and more people are getting hooked up on the idea of entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses. This is because they want to pursue their passion, set their own deadlines, create their own business environments, be their own bosses or create something from scratch. But, 90% of these startups fail because they don’t have access to the right resources and information.

So, how can you set yourself apart from the 90% of people that are struggling by modeling your business on the 10% who are already wildly successful? The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is your solution.

The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is designed for everyone that wants to Know best-fit cybersecurity experts and firms to help them partner with government entities to increase their business income.

The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide in Perspective

Do you know that data is growing 33 times faster than IT administration and 60% of USA federal agencies have been hit by cyber-attack with 63% of them down for more than one day?

Cyber attacks on the USA federal government, as a proportion of total attacks, doubled from 20 percent in 2016 to 40 percent in 2017. Pulling the federal government sector into first-place tie with finance, according to Data’s Global Threat Intelligence. And more than $700B is lost every year due to downtime.

However, Israel has NOT had any major cyber threats because of her unmatched cyber techs and technology. This is why the whole world especially United States Federal Agencies are turning to Israeli technology and cyber expertise for superior protection.

In the last few years, the US federal government has done hundreds of millions dollars in federal contracts with Israel companies and their USA partners.

Israel project zero is securing the internet on its own terms. Brash, controversial. A guard against threats around the world. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

This Awesome Guide is the holy grail of identifying experts in cyber tech and the department of defense and every federal agency around the world are desperate to secure the Israel’s services and products.

The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is designed for everyone that wants to Know best-fit cybersecurity experts and firms to help them partner with government entities to increase their business income.

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  • The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is a comprehensive IT security and services guide
  • It is an essential reference tool for corporate and government decision-makers
  • This Guide is the ultimate tool in sourcing the products and services that secure federal agencies
  • The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is an opportunity to work with leading industry figures

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The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide is made up of companies’ names, key contacts, direct phone numbers, email addresses, company addresses and services and products offered.  The directory is current, updated and printed weekly. The Awesome Israel Cyber Guide offers the best alternative to the tradition methods of business development by giving you the information that cuts out hours of research and endless dead end phone calls and emails. There are no required membership fees, you pay only for the Awesome Israel Cyber Guide.

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